Privacy Statement

Klever Compliance does not collect any cookies for any purpose.

We don’t serve ads, pass your information onto others, create intense algorithms which guess what you will have for lunch three Tuesdays from now, or try to figure out what you will buy for whom and when based on your prior spending patterns.

There is nothing to anonymize or encrypt, and if we aren’t actively corresponding, your contact information will be deleted within two years.

Hosting is provided by GoDaddy, so please check with them if you have any concerns about privacy information which they may be collecting about you.

If you use the “contact” form for any type of an inquiry to us, you’re doing so at your own risk since emails are used to deliver your information to Klever Compliance, and we all know emails are an open postcard all the way around. This means that if we receive an inquiry from you we are assuming you’re willfully providing your contact information for that purpose. We reply to everyone except for spam and are completely non-discriminatory for any reason whatsoever. If you experience a delay to your inquiry it’s probably because we’re out helping other companies.

In a nutshell, it’s pretty simple with us. If you’ve read this far, use the contact form while you’re here to redeem your nickel.